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Draft horse stallion
edition 200/edition closed

Andre is an exciting new traditional scale sculpture from Sarah Rose! He is a big boy, standing at 7 1/4" at the wither, which would be a bit over 16 hands if he were a real horse. At his tallest point he is 10" and is approximately 12 1/2" long from the back of his right rear leg to the tip of his cute wrinkle nose! Andre is meant to depict a heavy European draft horse of no specific breed. These stout and chunky horses were the original tractors. He could represent a variety of breeds including the Ardennes, Breton, old style Belgian, heavy type of Comtois, and others. A post with a section about this body type is here on the Rose Studios Blog. Customization is allowed and encouraged, I look forward to seeing all the variations of long tails, longer manes, no feather, etc. Have fun! Andre is traditional scale, and is hollow cast in artist's quality urethane resin with steel reinforced legs by Rose Studios. Andre was available for ordering until April 30th 2014 EDITION CLOSED

pricing information for information purposes only

Price: $345.00
RAW* castings: $320.00
Shipping: $20.00 within the US,$10.00 per additional casting shipped in the same box. Overseas shipping: $40.00 for one casting, and $15.00 for each additional casting shipped in the same box. Canadian shipping is $30.00 and $12.50 per additional casting shipped in the same box.


You can make payments however you'd like after paying an initial order deposit. If you are going to be making payments a $50.00 deposit per casting is due within 30 days of placing your order. Your order will go into the shipping queue when paid for in full. My PayPal email is Shipping address for checks and money orders:

Sarah Rose, 1158 Bear Creek Rd, Bayfield CO 81122.

To place an order simply email me with your full name and how many you'd like to order, or send payment. Either way is fine.

There can be a wait of 8-12 weeks, possibly longer but hopefully shorter, before we will have your order ready to ship once paid for in full. The casting schedule is dynamic and effected by how many orders we get, how many orders are ahead of your order, and other factors. This system seems to work the best for the most people, considering that I also allow generous time payment options (see above).

*RAW castings are for people comfortable with prepping only! They have a belly gate, vents on the chin and tail tips, and require extra work and experience to prep. For those who are comfortable with that you can save a few bucks, and get your casting faster since we won't need to clean the casting up before shipping.

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