Rose Studios



Released in 2009
Edition of 140

"Doodlebug" is a large SM scale romping gelding. He's not breed specific, and is a little pudgy from life as a pasture potato, but that doesn't stop him from living it up (on occasion, of course).

Called "Doodlebug" because of the nature of his creation. He began life as a doodle, just me testing out some new clay and having fun.

His fat little self is 2 1/4" (body), 3 1/4 " tall (to ear tips) and has an overall length of 4". His approximate scale is 1:25 1/2. The base is 4" long, with a square hole for Doodlebug's square peg on his left hind hoof. His left hind leg is also steel reinforced so that his leg will never warp, even if you permantly glue him to his base.

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