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Tennessee Walking Horse gelding
Released in 2004
Edition of 200 plus 20 Artist Proofs
Tennessee Walking Horse gelding in Traditional scale. Tack friendly and loaded with charisma! Standing in a proud parked out pose, this guys knows he's an American original. His long tail flows down to the ground, and his mane lies long and flat as if just combed out for the show ring. No pads or set tail on this guy, he's all natural.

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Want to know more about Tennessee Walking Horses?

For lots of people the first thing that comes to mind are the "Big Lick" horses with the pads, chains, and set tails. "Big Lick" is not the only way they are shown, they are also shown in "Model" classes, which is their version of a halter class. There are western classes, versatility classes, and pleasure classes with horses that do not have the pads and set tails. However, most Tennessee Walking horses are owned for the sole purpose of pleasure riding and never see the inside of a show ring.

Another interesting fact about Tennessee Walkers is they come in a huge array of horse colors including: champagne, pinto (both Tobiano and Overo), palomino, buckskin, and some of the most amazing black sabinos you'll ever see!

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