Rose Studios



Akhal Teke Stallion
Released in 2000
Edition of 150

"Khan" is a Traditional scale Akhal Teke stallion. This fascinating and ancient breed originated in Turkmenistan, but is often thought of as a Russian breed. They come in a wide variety of equine colors, and often have a metallic sheen that is seen in this intensity only in this breed. To learn more about these equine aristocrats, visit the Akhal Teke Network.

"Khan" was released to the hobby world in September of 2000, and sold out in a matter of days. The issue price was $165.00 + shipping. The edition size was 150 total pieces.

"Khan" also began a new chapter for Rose Studios as we began doing all our casting in house with a professional quality roto casting machine.

Additional Photos:


The above pictured horse is "Melekhan" (buckskin Khan in Russian). Sarah painted him a metallic buckskin with some areas of sootiness, as well as some very subtle dappling on his barrel and neck. He is *loaded* with chrome- four white socks, Rio Rondo horse shoes with painted nail heads, a blaze that goes over his muzzle and extends to his lower lip with some spotting, and a blue eye! He was also slightly customized with a longer mane and a wispy forelock. He is a real eye catcher, and has already proven himself as a show horse winning the "Other Lightbreed" class and "Reserve Champion Light Breed" at the Rocky Mountain Model Horse Expo in Castle Rock, Colorado, on March 31, 2001. I was going to offer this horse on eBay, but have become attached to him, so will be keeping him for awhile.
Another interesting note on Akhal Tekes is their recent use to develop a new breed known as the Nez Perce Horse. The learn more about them visit the Nez Perce Horse Registry. If you'd like to see one with a loud semi leopard appaloosa pattern, visit Golden Eagle Ranch.

The Model, Inspiration, and Namesake for "Khan"

Jas Shearer-McMahon of Magic Valley Akhal-Tekes was kind enough to show me her leased stallion Astrakhan ("Khan"), who is owned by Cathy Leddy of Washington. Astrakhan is the top rated Akhal Teke stallion in the US, and I was very fortunate to get a few reference photos for my sculpture. I had always heard that Akhal-Tekes were bad tempered, so I planned to stay far away from kicking hooves and swift bites. Much to my suprise, this guy was one of the best behaved horses I've ever been around, it was pretty easy to forget that he's a stallion. Jas would gently urge him to stand this way, then that way, with no halter, and he would quietly oblige. I got lots of great close ups of his face, legs, ears, etc, to use as reference on my sculpture.