Rose Studios



stockhorse stallion
Released in 2010

Meet "The Rose Reiner", the first Traditional scale resin from Rose Studios in two years! He is a cantering stockhorse stallion that is tack, performance AND halter class friendly! A real 'do it all' model horse. He is leaning into his turn and therefore has to have a base. Note that the production base has been slimmed down as shown in the photo of the white cast resin. The base is easily removable for painting and tacking up. The "Reiner" is hollow cast in artist quality urethane resin with steel reinforced legs by Rose Studios. Scroll down for photos of the clay sculpture tacked up. The photos above show the master casting in red primer before the veins were added, and then photos of a casting from the production mold with the veins.

Edition Closed!@ Final tally is 325 castings

The Reiner originally sold for $365.00 with raw castings being $350.00. Shipping was $15.00 within the US, Canadian shipping was $20.00, and overseas shipping was $40.00.

Castings are shipped in the order they were paid for in full. So, it's up to you when you pay your order off and get on the shipping queue. Orders are not put on the shipping que until they are paid for in full. Orders that are not yet paid for are not listed on the shipping queue. The shipping queue is available for viewing here: shipping queue

Additional Photos: