Rose Studios


Working Girl

Stockhorse Mare
Released in 2009
Edition of 470

"Working Girl" is a large SM scale stockhorse mare, doing what she does best, working! She is loaded with detail, Sarah even invented new tools to get a higher level of detail and crispness than ever before! She has facial veins, all the other veins wrinkles in all the right places, frogs and bars in her upraised hooves, leg tendons, and a wonderful feeling of movement and balance. Plus she is super smooth, like a real horse!

Measured in centimeters for accuracy she is 5 4/5ths cms from her sternum to point of hip. From the ground to withers is 5 1/2 cms. Around her barrel/girth she is 7 1/5th cms, and her head from muzzle to poll is 2 3/10th cms.

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